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On “Sequestering”

It’s a funny thing when you think about it, all this commotion over a “sequestering” of our government. Now take me for instance. When I hear the word “sequester” all I could muster was a vision of a jury trial movie, … Continue reading

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Christopher Columbas and Chuck E. Cheese

Our government funded the Global Positioning System for one cold purpose, to guarantee delivery of our nuclear ICBM technology over the horizon. Now GPS accurately guides millions of SUV’s to unknown shopping malls located alongside well lit and signed boulevards around the … Continue reading

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A Special Place

I got a call today from a recent boat yard customer I nicknamed “Gully Jimson” after Alec Guiness’s character in “The Horses Mouth.” Gully called me to thank me for hauling his boat from the water. As I recall from … Continue reading

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