A Full Glass

Having passion to write when the glass is half empty, dirty and cracked seems to be my m.o. which is fine but it does seem to explain my inability to write about some optimistic and personal thoughts.

Beautiful healthy children, a wife who projects the beauty of the world who also loves to cook are the things I enjoy everyday of my life.  Business and coworkers fill everyday with challenges and camaraderie. They fill my glass to capacity.

Spilling over the top yesterday, was my good fortune to golf with who I can only describe as the Henry Ford of the boating industry.  I am luckier than many. Mentors, friends and associates have enriched my view of the world.

The remainders in the bottle are the drops of satisfaction enjoyed from the nearing of completion of my book, “How to Fail in Business, while trying really hard.”

Anyone want a glass?

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