Hunter Gatherer Mode

I like to write but it seems that for the moment anyways my need to lay down the written word has vanished into thin air. I suppose it is directly related to a heightened involvement with my enterprise, an enterprise populated with not only running the boat yard but also my newest enterprise which I have named ” Naupactus.” Naupactus is my new publishing name which has required me to become a hunter gatherer not unlike the image we all remember from our 7th grade social studies class. This is the image of a person out on the Khalahari desert roaming from place to place, foraging for whatever sustenance that is available.

As a hunter gatherer my aim is to hunt and gather inroads towards spreading the facts about my book, the book being a message of 3 years worth of stuggle and elation owning a small business during this ongoing and horrific recession.

Naupactus is actually a Greek word. It is the name of a coastal town in Greece that is home to one of the oldest boat yards in the world. I loved the name and chose it to represent my story.

Unfortunatley, hunter gatherers are not known for their banter as much as they are for their sun burn and dirt covered frames. This is my lot for the moment so please excuse me as I see a morsel up ahead and my tribe is waiting back in the hut.

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