Real World Market Research

There is something to be said for sticking your nose into the wind once in awhile to get a sense of how things are doing in your marketplace. Well for starters, the slips in our harbor are still half empty and appear to be thinning further.

With a thinning boat count to service and a yard under what appears to be perpetual rennovation, our efforts need to be lazer beam focused on quality work for a reasonable price. So nothing has really changed since 2008. The beat goes on, and on, and on.

On my book front, I thought it would be a good idea to actually visit a brick and mortar bookstore to check out my competition. Upon a digital query which I already knew the answer for there was only one store to investigate on the hoof and you know who that is? Sad to say that in a town which used to pride itself on book stores and mom and pop resellers of all things interesting our town like all the others has gone main stream. There are no more quirky shops unless of course you want to count the wi-fi enabled, $4 frappuccino nursing gauntlet you need to cross through to enter the only book store left. Yes the big box is now home to those among us who seek human involvement while twiddling over god knows what on the lap top as they slurp economically at the latest Starbucks concoctions. Friggin sad.

I decided upon entering through the glass portal that I would be hyper-observant as if I was coming for the sole reason of finding that perfect book on small business and that is what I saw and experienced. I also quickly realized that small business books aren’t necessarily the hottest thing offered in the big box. No I am sorry to report that not only was my section located way, way in the back but I may very well have shouted “fire” at the top of my lungs back there and I would have just burned up on my shoes and fallen into a hole, away. No one would have given a damn, and they didn’t actually.

So I have a book, a book I am proud of, and a business which is slow at the moment. Maybe what I can do is offer a free copy of my book and wi-fi to each new customer. Hell I’ll throw in a free Frappuchino too.

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