Looking at the news this morning made me reflect on my own business choices over the past 5 years. The first thing I noticed having jumped off the Wall St. express in 2005 is that the Dow Jones is exactly where it was the day I stepped off. My insane move into small business seems far tamer than first thought. This reflection alone gives me strength and conviction to carry on my path of independence.

Another look back down the tracks reveals that for every person who was unemployed in 2005 , two more people have been added to our societies frustrated ranks today. The people who get paid to tell us when things are bad told us that we entered a recession in 2007 and that we may have recovered in 2010. I beg to differ.

I wrote a book about jumping this crazy train entitled, “How to Fail in Business, while trying really hard”. There is something to be said for a career in small business in lieu of riding a train to nowhere.

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