After hours in Naupactus

       The sun set before it left the horizon today choosing to hide behind a cool thick layer of marine layer which resembles a type of confectionary frosting that you cannot smell or taste. You can look at it, look all you want but you will not find the summer sun.

      So between a dusk and a dawn, the yard sits quiet and cool. There is no sound of commerce or activity unless you count the buzz of traffic outside of Naupactus’ walls, walls of oxidized and rusted chain link, brick and dirt. There are piles, mountains of dirt to our west which used to be ground but have regrouped into mounds which in turn will be renedered by a very large yellow machine back into ground.

     A siren is whistleing by reminding me that not all is well with the world outside but such is the way things are. You are either in it or you are out of it. I am in Naupactus.

for those of you wondering;naupactus is a small town in greece which happens to be the site of one of the oldest boatyards in the world. i like to reference that place whenever I can because anchors way to me is no different than that little place on the other side of the world, both are about boats and both are about water.

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