Digital Hieroglyphics

About two years ago I came up with what I still believe is a new word by merging digital with garbage to make “dibage”.  I made it up because I believe that all of us out there texting, emailing and posting are creating one giant monster of a pile of garbage albeit digital, weightless and odorless. What’s weird is that this dibage not only takes up space on our electronic devices but also in our personal memories so it really is a new element of our own creation.

Good or bad, dibage is something we will need to deal with eventually. I cant help wondering what actually happens to our dibage when we click on the little trash icon on our screens. Where does it go? It has to go somewhere and the last time I checked, my computer doesn’t have a greasy little port on its side similar to the back of a restaurant or an apartment building. Dam, where does this stuff go?

If you want to be immortal you need to write, The trick of course is for your work to not become part of the dibage pile, even if you believe it doesn’t go anywhere but into thin air.





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