Gillnetters 15 Sea Otters 50

Wow, I just cant get over it. The monied powers that be are about to wipe out the Halibut and Sea Bass fisheries in Ventura and Santa Barbara Counties to allow room for the sea otter.  Sure they are cute. Everybody loves the sea otter. I do too but at what cost?

Are we certain that allowing the sea otter the option to swim north from San Nicholas Island is worth losing a fishery? Is it worth ending the careers of fisherman who have yet to see a sea otter after decades of fishing the same waters?

Ironically, the otter cousins north of point conception have not ventured south for a family reunion but the otter friends with money don’t want to take any chances.

Gill netters who can’t afford to fuel their boats let alone a lawyer will become extinct. A craft, a trade and a way of life will end as we know it. That’s perfectly alright I suppose if you are a big fan of Tilapia and the sea otter. All of us know the latter but may not be familiar with Tilapia. Tilapia is the top fish exported from China to our markets which I would guess has far less regulations than well our local fishing industry. Remember the Chinese pet food scare?  So go ahead and support an unregulated fishery by shuttering the most regulated fishery in California in support of an animal that outnumbers the fisherman deemed to be the threat.

I suppose we could put them on unemployment with the 60 million other Americans. After all we need to keep our priorities straight. I am off to get a fish sandwich mmmmmm Tilapia is great!


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