Thomas Paine, Max Headroom and Today

I am writing on a MacBook so thanks SJ may you rest in peace. I cant help but wonder what Thomas Paine would be doing if he were alive today. I doubt he would be in Silicon Valley and I doubt he would be working for a hedge fund in Conneticut.

I am certain he would be vocal as hell right now. Maybe he would be a ballsier and more vocal version of Julian Assange of Wiki Leaks fame. Maybe he would be the leader of Anonymous if they even want one. Rest assured we would be reading his ideas, seeing his ideas or downloading his thoughts today. I suppose with the digitization of everything, a Max Headroom meets Thomas Paine Avatar would be a truly revolutionary application on YouTube.

Either way the world needs a Thomas Paine right now. The world needs a singular voice which cuts through corporate agendas and national pride. Now I am not a revolutionary but history has proven that men like Thomas Paine changed the collective consciousness just enough to invoke major changes which in turn led to a higher quality of life for average human beings in America and Europe.

So today as protestors “OCCUPY”  Wall Street and communicate with the world using SJ’s latest gizmo’s it is obvious that they lack one vital ingredient for change and that ingredient has yet to be discovered. Where are you Thomas, we need you?



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