Occupy Main Street

“Those who want to reap the benefits of this great nation must bear the fatigue of supporting it.”-Thomas Paine

It seems that many of us feel uncomfortable with protesters marching up and down America’s downtown streets with anti corporation messages. Similar to the embarrassment of requiring peculiar family members to participate in our perfect weddings or graduations we all want to ignore the obvious. Our nation, like a family has all types of citizens. There are those among us who place a blind eye upon the problem that has thrashed our nation’s ability to borrow money, hire an employee and collectively bargain for basic worker rights.

Ironically when threatened from a foreign land, without hesitation we throw the might of our power upon it without regard for sacrifice or cost. Yet when these unknown and unemployed citizens raise their voices against the status quo, we act as if they have no right to speak their opinion.

These people have the same rights as any of us have who are fortunate enough at the moment to be either employed, pensioned or owners of shares of the very corporations they criticize.

Let us not forget that our nation was created out of a desire to be free from persecution by immortal forces with limitless power. The only difference between today and our framer’s time is that today that power isn’t sat on a throne but rather it is in the boardrooms of our largest corporations which we have been so naive to offer up so much power.



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