Naupactus Updates

October 02011 A.D.

During what appears to be a never ending construction project on and around Naupactus*, please excuse our dust. We promise you that even amidst all of these distractions, the quality of our work, the honesty of our staff and the level of our service to you has not wavered.

All boat repairs are handled on a case by case basis. Each boat is unique and although repair projects may have similar uniform processes and material requirements, it takes a special skill to successfully perform these tasks on time and on budget. Not to mention while obtaining professional results.

Now try to perform these tasks on compromised infrastructure out in the elements. Good luck with that. We do it every day, day in and day out because we love it!

The next time you are contemplating a haul out, please consider that not all boat yards are the same and at the end of the day the only thing that really counts is quality work, honestly performed with a high level of service, none of which require the trappings caught at the first glance of a facility under a multi year multimillion dollar renovation.

Please call us the next time you are planning a haul out or just come down here to the waters edge and share a cup of coffee with us here in Naupactus.

*For the uninformed reader, the writer likes to refer to boat yards by the name Naupactus because that is the name of one of the first boat yards in the world found in Greece. It is the writer’s opinion that when you enter a boat yard, no matter where on Earth it is, that site shares a common history with the original. Naupactus in other words isn’t a place per se but more of a state of mind regarding all things ocean and boats.


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