Aim Higher, the beginnings of my second book on small business to be titled “How to Succeed in Business, by getting really smart about it”

Today started with a drive like all the other days we begin. Mine was no different than the rest except for one thing. My mind was whirling along about finances and business planning for the next year.  I set in motion the need to visit my business banker to discuss what was on my mind.

As one would expect from a high quality community bank, my banker visited me at 3 o’clock today rather than me having to drive to the branch. You must keep in mind that this gentleman is no green horn when it comes to business banking, actually he was my nemesis during the dark periods of the last few years. This by no means reflects upon his actual character but more importantly describes how I perceived him when I received the frequent emails requesting payment updates etc.

Differently from all my past experiences with Mr. Banker, we had an unusually prescient discussion about business, life and credit. The discussion was satisfying and illuminated my opinion of him to a completely higher level. 

The one major piece of advice I captured and plan on using from our discussion was so simple and elegant it hardly bears repeating but I will anyways. He said to me,”Andy why are you aiming so low?”  How great a question is that?

From this day going forward I plan on aiming just a little higher and expect to see results from my new target whether it be laid upon a sales number, volume, or merely the way I greet a new customer. Now is the time to act and so I shall. Thank you Mr. Banker!

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