We all lie from time to time. Sometimes we lie to ourselves and sometimes we lie to others but we all lie. It is what it is.  Some of us need to lie to make ourselves seem more important and some of us lie to make others feel more important.

If none of us lied, maybe the world would be a better place. I think there are  good lies and there are bad lies. Those among us who issue good lies probably come from a more perfect place but maybe that is a lie too. Those among us who lie badly probably dont even know we are doing it but know that we are heading to a bad place with or without the lie.

Untruths surround us and in an effort to protect the truth, we surround ourselves with lies. I just dont know. Maybe we need to be truthful with ourselves first and by so doing, through perseverence, we will stand stronger on ground that is real and not a lie at all.

I for one am a fan of the truth.  I just dont know though because maybe I am lying right now in an effort to protect something I am not aware of deep down because that truth I am protecting rests on a bed of lies created by someone who walked this ground long before me. I just dont know.


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