I quit smoking about three days ago.  I just woke up, proclaimed to my wife and children that I had decided not to smoke anymore and went to work. That is it really. Either you want to do something or you just don’t do it anymore.

I liked smoking. It was always a comfort after a task was completed or a prop when I was around a bunch of people or just something to occupy my time.

I think I quit because I am in the middle of a crossroads in my life, at least that is what I perceive this moment in time to be. This crossroad area is defined by the completion of my book, the sale of one of my boat yard operations and my realization that I am statistically on the down-slope of a life. The way I see it, when things on my frame start to fall off, rot off or just stop working properly, the last thing I will need is smoke, nicotine and all the effects they bring with them.  Not unlike the vision of a scuba diver at the bottom of the ocean relying completely on his gear, I will need to rely on my biological gear when I inevitably find myself looking up from a hospital bed hearing the words “clear” shouted into the air.

Yes, I am not shooting for Bruce Jenner status here, just normal status. That and the fact that I lost a good friend this year at far too early an age, I want to get back to the middle. Also, even with the window rolled down, I am violating the law when I smoke in my truck with the kids present. The funny thing was that I never smoked in the house and rarely smoked at home. Most of my smoking occurred in the harbor, on a boat or on the golf course.

Of course, the rebel in me would fight a “smoking in the truck with kids ticket” all the way to the supreme court but because I am now a rational adult on the downside of those actuarial tables I am well aware of the time and money involved when fighting for something called principal. I will pass on the passe’.

So I am ok, the book is great and I hear sanders buzzing outside. I am in Naupactus.

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