Falling Rocks

As a small business owner down here at street level I am cursed to be informed and educated in the greater picture of what lies above me. The news events of the day appear to be like falling rocks ready to crash down upon me and my surroundings. The only problem with my anxiety is that as always I may be prematurely looking for cover which is truly no where to be found.

The reality is that there will be no cover for businesses and households like mine. No, I fear that I am invisible on a sea of uncertainty and the Coast Guard with flags flying may not have the means to pull my little craft into safe harbor. Alone at sea I will endeavor to navigate in deep waters for now.

My frustration lies in the fact that my understanding of our predicament seems far deeper than the people around me. I suppose ignorance is bliss but I for one would rather know which particular rock will crash down upon me. Maybe, just maybe in knowing its e.t.a., size and trajectory I will be able to avoid it. At least the first one because there are probably more coming, there I go again. Please excuse me as I may seem distracted due to unavoidable events from above.


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