Corned Beef Hash and Boat Yards


You either like corned beef hash a lot or you can’t stand it. At least that is the way I see it. I love corned beef hash, especially the canned variety. Nothing disappoints more than when a restaurant attempts to gentrify the dish to the point of it becoming something other than corned beef hash. True, the French were great at making terrible things palatable but I don’t think we need to improve on something so unimportant and predictable. Predictable is good when it comes to CBH and during what they are calling this “great recession”, there is nothing as comforting as good old fashioned uncanned, fried corned beef hash.

It may be a stretch to carry the idea of predictable CBH into the small business arena but as I sit here down at Naupactus, the sun is setting, the air is cooling and the shadows of the boat masts are stretching long over the mud puddles and fencing. It is what it is, an old and tired boat yard.  Boat yards shouldn’t disappoint in the ambiance department and if they do, watch out, because they are probably up to something. They should be clean and yet dirty, efficient yet old,loud yet peaceful and over all else possess a great deal of character.

I for one enjoy exploring old tired boat yards when the opportunity presents itself. Some yards are so old that if they could talk, a history lesson could be learned.  Boat yards have  been around for three millenia and I would bet that the original yard crew from those ancient times would recognize plain old corned beef hash and appreciate it no different than I.

I am in Naupactus.




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