Awhile back I (yes I) coined the phrase ” DIBAGE” which I defined as all of our digital output(digital garbage) that we have collectively pushed out into cyberspace from our many digital devices. It is all out there, all you need to do is ask a question.

I recently asked a question of our collective consensus also known as the world wide web to confirm an old saying my mentor repeated to me many years ago. He had said that, “it takes twice as many muscles to frown as it does to smile” and in true Orwellian fashion, I believed him because as you may know, the more times you read or hear something, the more true it becomes.  Unfortunately after a lengthy search I came to the conclusion that the slogan was not entirely accurate.  The deeper I dug the less I thought about the slogan and the more I started thinking about Orwell, Winston Smith and the fact that the internet is just a giant version of collective New Speak.

If I was to post that the sun set in the East and rose in the West and managed to post this view a million times, some poor schumck somewhere without fact checking might very well see this DIBAGE and take it as fact. And so it goes.

Yes I intend to smile more but I also intend to dig deeper into our collective pile of DIBAGE to find truth and not collective NEW SPEAK. In closing I ask the reader to please consider that although the Dewy Decimal System and libraries seem as ancient resources today, our internet merely reflects POP data that keeps us all in a comfortable collective consensus of facts yet to be checked. The forest of DIBAGE is growing exponentially and my true fear is that we may be lost in a forest where trees are not seen or heard falling.

I am going to smile more though.



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