Chigga Chigga Boom Boom


The title means nothing. It was just what was on my mind but my business thought for the day is simple and it goes something like this:  some of us are just plain lucky and some of us are not.

Wrap your head around that for a moment and realize that if you don’t think you are lucky, maybe you just need to quiet down a bit, look around and see how and where you stand. Do you get to sit down to do your work or do you have to stand all day with a tool in your hand, or worse yet, you don’t get to work because you cannot physically work or you are unemployed?

All of us feel unlucky once in a while whether it be from envy of more fortunate acquaintances or just due to plain old winter depression. The bottom line is that some of us fall under lucks charm more than others but I say embrace the good days for what they are. These are the days when everything is clicking and your energy is charged completely. Try not to take yourself down chasing the luck but rather make do with what you have and luck will find you. Trust me.

Remember there are 8 billion other souls out there looking for the same bit of luck you want and sometimes it takes a little time for it to get back to you and yours but it will.  Embrace your place in the world, smile and be happy for any little proof of your existence, it needn’t be monetary proof. Proof comes in many forms: a smile from a neighbor, a hug from a child, kissing your partner, trust from another or just a long deep breath. We are alive, the world is spinning to the east and today is what we have to work with. I feel lucky. Chigga Chigga Boom Boom!

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