Winter Solstice Itinerary

Its funny that our busiest time of year for social  activities lies smack dab on the shortest days of the year.  What in gods name possessed our predecessors to choose this portion of the calendar for so much? After all, the shortest day of the year is December 21st, the Winter Solstice.  

This “the clock is ticking” atmosphere makes the season stressful on many levels. Wouldn’t it make better sense to relocate this season of social fanfare to the other end of the calender when days are longer and our children are out of school? No I am afraid the system is stacked against us.

The powers that be wish us to do more in less time, saving the long warm days of summer for nothing in particular. They are out there ahead of us, waiting for us, but for now it is run and race but don’t forget, haste makes waste.


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