If You Build It They Will Come!

Every year since I began my entrepreneurial adventures I have created a business plan which more or less maps out my goals for my enterprise. This plan normally contains metrics and is broken down by categories. I also like to include personal plans as I am my business and my business is me.

This year is extra special as this is the year when many of the improvements surrounding our facility may very well be completed. These improvements include a marina with 150 boats becoming our new neighbors as well as a new state of the art pier and crane system for our sole use.

So as the title of this entry and the famous movie states,”If you build it, they will come”, I will endeavor to map out a plan to accommodate our new visitors. And with style.

So if you own your own business you may very well want to address your plans now too because there is one constant I am confident in predicting for you here and now and it can be explained in one simple word,CHANGE. Yes change will be the only constant that you can bank on and of course this includes the banks too. Boy are they changing.

So remember the old adages: “Any road will get you there if you don’t know where your going then plan your work and work your plan.” Stay on course!

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