Naupactus* is quiet, cold and sort of asleep at the moment. There are however 4 or 5 crew of a fishing boat making a little noise and dust on the southeastern end of the yard. The men are buzzing around, on and under the boat readying her for the impending live prawn season.  They are all, as a group, perfoming the work of one and one half of our crew but what the hell, they are having fun and learning about their boat too.

I am in a pause for the moment, attempting to construct ways to improve upon our volumes without spending a ton of money on advertising, utilising bits and pieces I have absorbed from the world wide web at sites like Education Earth or TED, having spent hours listening to lectures by entrepreneurial gurus and the like. I am enlightened but poor so I move along.

 I have decided that the message I need to impress is what I am calling a “Fun Buzz.” Boats are either intended for commerce or for fun and we tend to work more on the fun types than commerce, although of course, I am doing this as commerce but I digress and will digress even further now.

I would like to call what I am thinking about a new  ”Digital Urbanism”. It is my opinion that all the participants in our current society excluding possibly some islands in the middle of our planets larger bodies of water have succumbed to this new plight in life,Digital Urbanism. Due to our constant connectedness and electronic feedback mechanisms we no longer need to leave the farm, rice patty or fishing boat to obtain urban cultural awareness per se. No, we are learning on the fly and from the eye of these new devices we so desperately crave, like cigarettes, and quite possibly at the same intervals without of course the negative astigmatisms and second hand smoke etc but all the while still quite addictive and self fulfilling. I suppose boating and all that it offers is also taking a second seat to this virtual world of cheap thrills and frills without the Mal de Mer, sunburn and expense.

So Digital Urbanism is the place that I am operating within as I stand on Naupactus attempting to generate Fun Buzz. Its cold, quiet and sort of asleep at the moment. Wait, what do I hear? A Facebook message, an email a phone call, no. The coffee is ready.

*Naupactus( if you google it) is an actual town in Greece that is the site of one of the oldest boat yards on Earth. The writer believes that all boat yards are descendants of Naupactus which really means that if you want to go back in time, just visit your neighborhood boat yard sometime.


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