Little Fishies and Probablities

Washing down a boat this morning and I noticed a meroplankton inhabitant flopping helplessly on the concrete. She is a beautiful adolescent Cabezon who probably needs to move along to the next level so I gently “hucked” her back from whence she came sans boat and kelp to hide in. I would give her a 50% probability of seeing her next natal day but since we “did” find her let us take the probability up to 90% due to fate/karma or whatever. What “is”, was meant to be.

We are doing some great work down here this week. We are painting three boats right now and preparing a fourth for a long journey to the land of the Rising Sun but in our case, where the sun sets ie Nippon.

Other than that, all is well down here at Naupactus barring the fact that operating at 60% is the new norm. Maybe we need to stow away like the little Cabezon and if we are found too, our chances for survival can be bumped up a few notches…

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