The Stripper, the Santana Sloop and the Boat Yard

About two years ago, a retired stripper from Bakersfield came in and told me she could no longer pay the rent on her 1970′s Santana sailboat. So it goes.

The boat sat idle on her jack stands in need of too much work to be of value to any suitors, except of course for the occasional homeless person who found a warm dry spot on a cold winter’s night. It was when I became aware of the boat becoming something like a “super economy” flop house that I chose to knock her down and render her to that final resting place at the end of Toland Road.The land fill.

When slow days caught up to us, I would send men over to her resting hulk with freshly purchased Sawz-All blades on a simple mission; cut her up into manageble chunks. It was pretty soon after the neatly stacked 1/2 to 3/4 inch thick fiberglass panels became visible that I thought this would be a good time to get just a little “Greener.”

The result of this exercise is a new product at Anchors Way that we have named our “Never Rot Backing Blocks.” We have meticulously cut round circles from the panels which will be sanded smooth and coated with gel coat. When the demand is present our retired stripper’s boat will become a new part of your boat.

I like the story behind these little lifeless plates and I hope they serve their new found purpose well and without complaint and all for less than the cost of one lap dance!

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