Cast Adrift at Naupactus

I looked at a picture of myself the other day and although I knew the person in the photo was me, I felt uneasy accepting him as what I appear to be to others ie; a short, round, red faced individual.

With that thought in mind, I will tell you that I recently read a thorough article on fasting and decided on the spot, to stop eating for a little while.

I didn’t call my doctor and I didn’t make a plan or think about it too much. I just stopped eating anything. Anything at all.

That was on Wednesday and here I am diving into a Friday afternoon with a slight head ache but a sense of accomplishment.

It is amazing to think that after all these years of saving calories that I can spend them at will now. Hell, I bet that my Swiss Bank Account, also known as my gut and neck could sustain me for weeks yet.

Although I don’t plan on being cast adrift like those poor whalers of Essex fame, it is nice to know that if I had to draw on those funds that they are readily available.

The winds are up and howling and Naupactus is shrouded in dust and sunlight.

Have a great weekend.

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