Spring Cleaning and Elevating the Enterprise

Historically, mankind has strove to make it through the “cruelest month” which used to be April. Back then, people had already gone through most of their reserves and were anxiously waiting for warmer weather to get seed in the ground for an early harvest. Snow was melting, revealing vitals and flora for immediate consumption.

Today April is cruel for less practical reasons and probably less important reasons to boot for that is the month we as citizens get to vote in favor of our Republic with something as simple as a check, backed up by less than simple paperwork and forms.

This is also the time we tend to “kick into gear” our primordial instincts to clean the cave, nest, hut or business out, having weathered the winter solstice.

We are clearing out the deadwood here at Naupactus, anxiously awaiting our customers return to the boating life. Their skis, Suburus and snowboards now taking a rest for leisure activities more in line with our coastal lifestyles.

The water is still cold but rumor has it that things will be different this season as the jet stream has taken a turn for higher latitudes and states with names that end in “on” .

We are ready, willing and able to prepare boats of all shapes and sizes for the coming summer solstice. Lazy days at anchor upon glassy offshore island coves, quiet starlit nights with water lapping along the under bodies of our favorite nautical objects, floating gently.

See you on the water, or right here at Naupactus.

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