Jumping Through the Air Over Buses, Revisited

A couple of years ago I described an allegory of a super hero small business owner. As small business owners, we are all super heroes and after the day I experienced yesterday, I for one am certain of this fact.

As small business owners our responsibilities do not stop with our own households, they continue on to our employees, customers and business counter-parties. I am not describing a person who is responsible for a budget or a project.  If you have a “job” description or need to follow guidelines within an employee manual, let us just say, you are not in the category of super hero as I define it.  No, what I am defining is a person who has chosen, if not foolishly so to go it alone, to have absolutely no one to fall back on, they are it, alone in the abyss, 100% committed to their course, all in, without a 401(k), pension, golden parachute, literally soaring through the air over buses.  

This person in a cape is the one who signs their own checks or quite possibly your check, not those of a board of directors, a venture capital company,  a store, a branch office, or a partnership. It is their money, their time and their enterprise on the line, period.  I think there are moments when being in this ultimate position of responsibility makes one call on super hero powers, when a cape does become essential to make it to the other side, to the light at the end of the tunnel, across the river, over an ocean, we persevere.

Many of you will not relate to this burden and what it entails and the only condolence I can offer is that ignorance must be truly blissful, especially if you don’t believe in super heros because we are out there, all around you(or should I say flying above you) endeavoring to save the day.

So if you do see us today, smile and say hello, we are just like you, only we can jump through the air over buses, with a cape.

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