The Home Stretch

When you find yourself reaching out towards what you think is the homestretch, if you have any wisdom left under your skin, you too will know that the homestretch you are experiencing is merely an illusion. It is a “contrivement” of your own subconscious endeavoring to keep some semblance of sanity in your actions, in your struggle to get to what you think for the moment truly is the other side.

As we struggle along with the help of these positive manifestations of finality maybe just maybe we should shake hold of the fact that there really is no other side as we seem to imagine it. Rather, this other side is merely a goal within a much larger path that we have been forced to travel upon by our own earlier actions, decisions and choices. But try we must in an effort to not sink, fail or die.

From below the dirt piles, scrap heaps and bits and pieces of human involvement we endeavor to climb up and away from it all. The pungent smell of toil and failure thicken the air along with the dust of false progress but progress it seems to be. We all pay for progress and the price tag is everything be it gold, blood or currency, we pay. We all pay.

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