Boats and Space Shuttles

Boats can be compared to mini space shuttles because heaven knows when the customer gets a repair bill, they certainly might as well be a space shuttle. Space shuttles and boats can be called machines or vessels and they are both really expensive to repair. They both need to be safe so when you take someone for a ride, no one will get hurt or worse.

The systems we find inside many of the boats we are asked to repair do have one major difference from a space shuttle however. The crew of the space shuttle normally doesn’t “tinker” per se as many of the owners of the boats we work on have. In good faith mind you, owners do love and care for their boats but unfortunately many of the efforts put into these little floating space shuttles on a Saturday afternoon leave a lot to be desired.

“My God, how and why did that Home Depot, Chinese made widget end up in that plumbing assembly?” is a frequent question we ask ourselves down here. When inspecting boat projects it seems that strategic use of duct tape and bailing wire is widely accepted throughout the harbor. Why not? It looks newer than what is there and heaven knows driving all the way to West Marine and paying retail for the proper solution just doesn’t make sense at the moment. Right?

So the next time you are out in your space shuttle, remember that the ocean is big, unforgiving and it seems to know that there is duct tape and bailing wire in there. So be careful and don’t be afraid to ask for advice from people you respect on your dock. That’s it.

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