Chigga Chigga Boom Boom Revisited

Maybe it is just that the body chemistry is functioning properly or maybe the planets and stars are aligned just right but today is a day worth writing about. I didn’t win the lottery but then again maybe I did, at least for this one day.

Arrived at the yard at 0730 to see a crew adamantly digging a ditch across our pier entrance which should have set me off to the moon but I just smiled and processed a solution which just required a few changes to my plans.

We booked a couple of great projects for Monday and rolled along with our day.

Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t my first good day but it certainly is my first good day in many less than good ones which makes it better than average.  

Without any doubt I would expect today to be quickly forgotten under a veneer of issues and problems which I will have seen before but not today and yet they are out there, looming and ready to land upon my shoulders, but I will savor this as one of the good ones.

The wind is calm and the ocean is still, down here at Naupactus.

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