Inflammable Bridges

Do you remember when your parents warned you not to “burn any bridges” and you pictured that flaming “Bridge over the River Kwai?” What a mental picture that was and it was good advice to boot.

We are all growing older and the rivers we are required to cross are multiplying as quickly as the gray hairs on our heads. Many of the bridges we find ourselves crossing rivers upon are complicated and intricate.  Some of them have islands in the middles of them and others just go to nowhere at all.

Today, I find myself upon yet another bridge, crossing yet another river and I feel confident and proud that I kept myself from torching it.  I painted and cared for this particular bridge over the last several years and a fine bridge it is.

Take care of your personal collection of bridges because you never know when the next river you see may need to be crossed and building a new bridge may be too much to handle, especially in these economically challenging times.

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