Easter Peeps and the Coming Summer

I went and bought a couple boxes of left over Easter Peeps at our local CVS last Friday. Unfortunately for those of us who live upon the reclaimed Mojave Desert shorelines of California these yellow, sugary and chewy Easter treats are one of the few indications that winter has ended and spring has “sprung.”

I would say that the weather has improved and is not limited to day time temperatures but has extended to the overall activity of our little enterprise at the waters edge. The sun has been visible more days than not and the average temperature has been slightly better than “Alaska” lately.  The new piers are curing in the sun and will be ready for use in the next month or so and the open water in front of the yard is slowly populating with new docks and boats.

It is the writer’s opinion that the coming summer will be far better than the last few and all we can ask for is warmer water, smoother seas and customers who love their boats. 

Please excuse me, these month old Easter Peeps are sooo good!

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