Summer Season


Summer at Anchors Way Marine Centers-CI

I drove into my glowing sun drenched boat yard this morning with the sense that this summer will be one for the books. Although our channel waters have not warmed up yet, Greg Ewart of Ventura Sport Fishing posted a good bite on Calico Bass yesterday so I would take that as a good indicator.

Summer in our SB Channel

I took my boat with my son Jack to SB for a Cal Maritime Alumni BBQ last weekend and the weather was perfect although not perfect enough for the Hardway Race Participants. They didn’t have enough breeze to make it a great day of sailing but congrats to the crews of Prevail, Misfit, Bullet, Valero and Honuki for out smarting their competitors and getting home first.  I was out on the line at the start and can attest that the wind was very light but just enough to gently pull the fleet out and onto the channel. 


Sunrise on the Hardway Fleet in SB Harbor


Start of 2012 Hardway Race off SB Harbor


 This weekend is Memorial Day and most of our local clubs have planned cruises for their members. Pierpont Bay Yacht Club will be out at Coches Prietos( I may take a day trip out their on Sunday..Maybe), Ventura Yacht Club will be out at Prisoners along with Anacapa Yacht Club( plenty of room for all in Prisoners). Channel Islands Yacht Club and Pacific Corinthian Yacht Club will be heading to Marina Del Rey which in my mind makes sense because the Del Rey fleets will probably be out at the Isthmus drinking Buffalo Milks at Doug’s. Oh I think the Ventura Sailing Club is bowling because they don’t have anything on their calender.


Coches mural by our Alonso Lopez at the AWMC-CI offices


Down here at the yard we are so excited about our new piers and marina that we painted our building to match the sanctioned “earth tones” of the harbor. I guess people didn’t like my “boat yard blues” color choice. Our flag is flying proudly and Alonso’s new office mural of our boat at anchor in Coches is a constant reminder to us and our customers of just why we are all here at the yard. To have fun with boats!

The All NEW AWMC at CI!





New Piers at AWMC Channel Islands-22' Wide and 100' long

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