Worlds First(I think)

Well, it is official, yours truly has become the first boat yard operator who also happens to be a stock broker. Well at least that is the general direction I am heading. Months of training and re-licensing are ahead but hopefully by the fall, I will be up and running.

I never thought I would have an interest in reviving my Wall St. career, but these are interesting times. My fascination of economics and markets needs quenching and what better way than to dive into the ocean of financial services once again.

Compliance issues and corporate rules prohibit me from discussing much through this medium but rest assured, my blog will take on an extra layer of viewpoints as it pertains to small business, boat yards and the financial arena.

As for now, it is time to hit the proverbial books and attempt to revive my baby broker years in an effort to retain all of my former glory and bona-fides left on the curb of old Wall St.

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