A Note to Self

If ever I find the time, energy and capital I will start a clothing business and name it “SHORT AND FAT”. By God we height challenged gravity fighters need representation!

With his “you too fat” comments aside, my tailor has done a great job customizing my new Penney’s off the rack dress shirts.  I suppose if I were to put a spreadsheet to the issue, I would have had better economical success ordering proper Saville Row “bespoke” shirts tailored in the gross than these cut down tents with collars.

After an hour at the yard, I headed off to the glass tower covered in my new custom tailored Penny’s office battle garments. My first day back in the branch included compliance modules, learning how to use an electronic digital coffee dispenser and greeting old colleagues who probably thought I was dead. At least that was the look I was getting.

Unscathed by my time in the branch I headed back to the yard just in time to see my good man Danery grinning from ear to ear. He was using our new remote controlled crane, shouting commands to his new helper Chesny. It only took one glance from him for me to realize that he is a man who has finally arrived in the 21st century.

God Bless the boat yard and all who call it, Naupactus. I love this place.

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