99% PURE

I was thinking this morning, which can be a dangerous thing for anybody, about the nature of just how concentrated we all are when it comes to the basic energy of life. What I mean to say is that if you think about it, all of the people we interact with are comprised of various levels of concentrated drive, anima. Some of us are diluted, mellow, laid back which makes for an easy approach to things. These 1%’ers I would imagine fit well within structured lives and careers.

I am of the belief that my level of dilution is quite low, probably in the 99% range. If I were a bottle of Vanilla Extract, I would not be palatable. A drop of me would probably last a lifetime in any kitchen pantry.  I asked my wife how she handles it and she replied,”that’s why I need a break from time to time.” So like one of those little fishes that lives in the briny waters of Death Valley, my wife has adapted. Maybe I need to help by getting diluted, but how?



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