A note to CHICAGOLOAND regarding parking tickets and deep dish pizza

July 12, 2012

City of Chicago Dept. of Revenue/PO Box 88298/Chicago, IL 60880-1298


First off, I am a big fan of your Honorable Mayor Rahm Emanuel.

I am contesting this fine #000000000 for two reasons:

The first being a straight forward factual reason in that I parked a HERTZ rental car license 1234JJ in front of the Lou Malnati’s on S. State St. As an “out of towner” I know that I am not exempt from your local rules but I did inspect the spot for a moment after parking just to make sure. I did not see any markings or signs indicating that the spot required payment to a meter. I did not see a meter.

The second reason I am contesting this ticket is that my family was on our way to the airport but wanted to spend our last bit of cash on some terrific Chicago Pizza prior to blasting off to the west coast. Halfway through my first slice of pizza I noticed a patrolman at the vehicle so I raced outside to see what was up. He claimed it was too late to feed a meter which I never saw and that the ticket had already been written, thus TOO LATE!

I love Chicago and so does my family. We were visiting for the IRISH DANCING NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS and I suspect that not including this parking fine, I dropped close to $2500 over the course of our time in the city. We want to come back because we liked it so much but I certainly do not want to revisit your city as a fugitive or $60 poorer.


Andy “out of towner” Killion

and Chicago Fan


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