Two Carts, One Ox

I became re-fascinated with my prior Wall St. career about 6 months ago and decided I would call my old firm just to see if they needed a seasoned veteran. Much to my surprise, they said yes and for the last few weeks, I have been performing a proverbial “quick change”  every day from office garb to yard Dickies.

I start my day down at the yard, organizing projects and planning projects and by 0830, I am bound for the glass tower on the Oxnard plain for my daily stint performing computer training modules and office training. By mid day, I am rolling back to the yard for more fun with boats.

I never thought I would be capable of such a bifurcated day, but honestly it has been quite satisfying. I have actually broken it down into two simple categories; the theoretical and the practical. Financial markets in my opinion merely reflect our collective opinions of the future of our economy through the use of theoretical models whereas the boat yard tends to run pretty low on theory and much higher on practicality.

So this Ox is now pulling two carts and hopefully one will help the other. At least in theory right? 

Please excuse me as I have another hill to climb and it will take all of my attention. Yes, I am having fun too!

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