Dibage (digital garbage), Archaeology and the Weather

They say to write is to guaranty immortality. Maybe this digital log of thought chains written by an average citizen of our great republic during such a trying time will be of interest to a digital archaeologist in some future time. The internet was conceptualized in the 1960′s by scientists wishing to create an A-bomb proof network linking brain trusts throughout our land.  Ironically it now links the lesser brain trusts ie ; anyone with a hot spot or an ethernet port too.

The problem with this is obvious. I am not the only idiot bloviating into cyberspace. I really don’t know how much “dibage”(digital garbage) we create everyday.  I am certain that our cumulative daily output of terabytes of dibage far out way the Good Book, Koran, Tora, all daily news prints, and the Encyclopedia Britanica combined times a multiple of 10. Christ, just the daily back and forth in Farmworld and Facebook  create more dibage than all the “Great Books” combined.

With all of this discounted by the writer, my original intent was to write something good about boat projects, the marinas or the boatyards. Yes the material is there for the writer to form and shape into something interesting for the reader.  The difficulty is that the writer’s control of the written word is similar to the weather, some days are better than others.

Happy boating and happy garbage picking!    AK AD2010,805,34S119W

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  1. addie says:

    Hi brudder- I couldn’t agree more- so I’ll add to the ‘dibage’. Last weekend I went to San Jose with Miki and some of her friends. There was an animation festival going on they really wanted to see and me being the over indulgent parent that I am, I took them. While they were oohing and ahhing over the Japanese anime, I went to see the Moder Art Museum. Inside they have some wonderful exhibits. The one that your blog brings to mind was an electronic audio video installation called ‘ The Listening Post’ by Mark Hansen and Ben Rubin. The exhibit is a floor to ceiling collection of video screens all linked together. They collect real time data streams from the internet and display short phrases that are visible at that time online. When a certain number of words are all used simultaneously, there is an electronic voice that reads the common phrases. it is very strange and weird to see and hear what could be called a collective consciousness displayed in a very public place. Big Brother is really watching! Love you Andy.

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