The Middle Rodeos

I looked at my wife today in our boatyard office as she was handling an issue. Her eyes spoke volumes to me. Twenty years have been spent looking into those eyes and for what its worth, they are not difficult to look at most of the time.

Our little enterprise is still being tested on multiple fronts but that is what we signed up for way back when. So that is why I have entitled this piece , “The Middle Rodeos” as in not our first rodeo and certainly not our last, just the middle.

Our crew is wonderful and knows nothing but doing good work with a smile. The ego in me claims responsibility for this but I would bet their condition has more to do with them and the trust I place in them more than anything else.  I am honestly content and lack any anxiety whatsoever for the moment. So this is why I am writing this, to freeze this particular moment in time, here and now.

My wifes glance of confidence and mutual contentment confirmed my condition and I look forward to whatever happens tomorrow.  For tomorrow the livestock in the yard will need rounding up once again and I stand ready, lasso in hand.


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