Boneless Chicken and the Economy


My kids don’t like chicken with bones in it. They claim that it is weird. I suppose that a generation raised in a connected world full of packaged consumer products, cars that may or may not have spark plugs and carburetors, IPods and on demand everything should be a little shocked when they bite into something that has any hint of being natural or having any suggestion of ever being alive.

Boneless chicken is merely the tip of the proverbial ice burg when we observe the tremendous success our society has had delivering the latest and greatest to all of us.  What we think of Capitalism seems to have evolved from industrial feats of great magnitude to the more theoretical and intangible world of finance and speculation. We have become victims of our own free market success, out sourced and out snookered by our own demands for efficiencies and value. In essence, our quest for economy has ruined our economy.

This experience is nothing new.  One of the first human experiments in free market capitalism began within the Roman Empire.  “Publicanis” syndicates were created for the collection of taxes throughout the Empire and were publicly traded at the Forum in Rome. The most famous Publicanis owner in history was the Apostle Mathew.  He eventually gave up his Publicanis duties for something he believed to be a bit more important. Publicanis eventually became one of the major catalysts for ending the Roman Empire.

Now I am not saying that our system may end in similar fashion. What I am suggesting is that our tremendous success with the free market system has left many people behind.  I am referring to the 99% of us who for whatever reason have not yet found the opportunity to participate in this new and improved form of capitalism and subsequently have been unable to contribute or benefit by it.

As a small business owner operating during this “Great Recession”, success has taken on different meanings and metrics. Capitalism, once the marriage of work, risk, credit and most importantly, customers has quietly been replaced by game theory, financial engineering and latency trading.  Unfortunately it appears that this new system has prevented our capital from ever returning home to Main St.

I suppose that if I was a chicken, that I would be served with the bones “in” right here on Main St.

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