An Island in the Storm

Having landed upon what appears to be a desert island in the middle of a storm I am taking a moment to reflect upon what it is I have accomplished since entering my first log entry here in As the Prop Turns.

Most of my entries as you may well know focused not specifically on the day to day operations of a boat yard but more so upon my observations of our economy and how our little enterprise has been buffeted by these horrible economic conditions.

I would like to report that things are getting better but the wisdom I have accumulated discounts this opinion to nothing more than an overall desensitization to the business environment we are operating within. “The new normal” is what I have heard it called, meaning higher productivity, lower margins and fewer customers. And so it goes.

Discounting a “new normal” environment and my desensitized condition, I still seem to have a sense that things are leveling out which is a good thing in as much as we are not falling into an abyss like years past.

So as we wrap up another summer and enter the fall months, I have a heightened sense of accomplishment and anticipate interesting times ahead. Our political environment is reaching a near term zenith which will hopefully translate into a more positive sense of where the economy is headed next year. Time will tell and thank God we have the time and the opportunity to act on change if and when it occurs.

As of this log entry, our yard is operating at a balanced level of capacity utilization and we stand ready to scale up if and when called to do so. It has been one hell of a storm, and we will rest awhile here on this island before setting back out to sea.

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