2 =60


Time collapses when we sleep. Maybe it is because when we sleep, we stop thinking about it or we just stop thinking. Do the animals think about time? I would bet they don’t. Of course bees and humming birds and ants seem damn industrious and probably have their own versions of Swiss chronometers, time cards and productivity reports. But we all have to answer to father time at least once during our period of service down here, up here, in here or on here.

Whatever you want to believe is ok with me but I think it’s great to stop the clock once in a while. Just punch down on the thing, clank it, stop the relentless ticking that somehow and in some subconscious fashion makes us all sense our waning condition. If we had no clocks then maybe we could throw out the mirrors too. Without both of these inventions we could think young and be young.

Or how about this idea, a clock that only ticks twice every 60 seconds and each tick is just a second? Wouldn’t that be a nice change of pace? Sloooooww it down a couple ticks and maybe, just maybe, people would smile more and I know that I certainly would be happier and a little less stressed.

Yes time, it is time we took a closer look at you and what you are doing to us. Time to wake up and time to take notice. It is your time, time.

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