Do the Math

I am in the process of obtaining all of my securities licenses once again and am endeavoring to absorb massive quantities of information whilst managing my enterprise along with the normal day to day obligations of a parent, husband, son, brother and friend.

This is not an easy exercise. At first blush, I expected some challenges but now that I am deeply into the task I am reflecting upon days past when challenges such as this were everyday issues that merely required an extra cup of coffee, a cigarette or two along with sleep deprivation that in my former years came easily and without much sacrifice.

It has been almost two decades since my brain was asked to scale these walls and let me tell you, they haven’t gotten any lower and as a matter of fact, they appear through these depreciated lens to be much steeper and taller. Whewsh.

I have been applying every mental node available to me for this task for about three hours each day and the sense I am getting is one of two steps forward and two and one half steps backwards.

Why write about it you may ask? Or how about the obvious, where do I find the time? Well I make the time and in my own stupid way I find the sound of tapping my thoughts into this plastic key board and then seeing them on the LCD screen to be appeasing and therapeutic, not to mention the fact that maybe someday if I have the good fortune of being old, gray and possessing vast quantities of down time, I will be able to reflect upon the days when every moment of my life was filled with activity. I will indeed miss the activity I think.

So as I sit down here at Naupactus, the boats are being repaired. One by one and two by two, they creep slowly into our world and then gently sail away, hopefully happier and healthier. Signing off. 

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