Somewhere Between Taxes and Death

There are a few rules to life that we are all well aware of as the title to this essay alludes but its the part in between, for whatever reason which takes its toll on our ability to cope or enjoy the ride.  Sometimes the best thing we can do is step off the roller coaster, sit back and listen to the wind blow. We just need to be satisfied with what it is we are doing, more often.

Is there anything more satisfying than that moment following tremendous sacrifice or work when we realize that we were successful? Unfortunately that moment’s duration is inversely related to our own sense of personal responsibility or in other words, many of us just seem to enjoy being stressed out more than others.

Fortunately for us down here at Naupactus, that moment of satisfaction gets to be enjoyed every Friday as the boats float away from our yard.  This is our moment and we are soaking it in for as long as we responsibly can, for now. 



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