A Boat=Freedom=Fun

Boats should be fun. They should be and they are, fun. I say this because when you are in the business of boats, sometimes you forget that. It’s easy to forget when you are juggling expectations and expenses for the boater.

I forgot it so badly last winter I asked my painter, Alsonso, to paint a mural on our office wall of my boat bobbing at anchor at Santa Cruz Island. Boats should be fun and I am reminded of this fact whenever I enter the office, day or night.

What other vehicle can we control, stand on, sit on, sleep in, eat in, are you getting the picture yet, that we can take anywhere on the planet so long as there is liquid water? Boats don’t give us freedom, but they enable us to express our freedom to explore. Explore anywhere we want. I love boats probably for that one ideal. Freedom. The last frontier, the only frontier left. It is out there, waiting.

Boat yards can be fun too but they would be more fun if everything didn’t cost so damn much. People have to eat. Shucks. Maybe I should have Alonso paint a mural of the boat yard on the other wall this winter or maybe I just need to take my boat out to the edge of a chart…..

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