Waiting for the tide…

What can you say when the light switch seemingly gets pulled on your customer flow without your permission? Not much.

This is the case for the moment but as my mentor once told me,”Andy, the tide rolls in and the tide rolls out.” We wait for the tide.

In our business like all businesses, we need to keep our good face forward but in our case the differentiating factor is our quasi-utility presence, meaning it is our obligation to remain open in good times and in bad.

Unfortunately however, I have been here before and retrospectively it seems like the best move is a strategic “closing” until the tide rolls back in. Jam the schedule out in April and go fishing….Ah now there’s a plan. Of course this is folly because my men who I have gainfully employed during the worst economic storm of our lifetimes will be left out in the cold til spring.

With that thought out in the open, I look forward to a wonderful weekend raising money for a cause near to my heart, the Caregivers Organization. It’s Sailathon season and maybe just maybe some positivie karma will eminate from our efforts into our phone lines for work for our men next week. Only time will tell.

Signing off.


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