I don’t know what, why, or how I do it but I always seem to get myself into the same predicament over and over again. That is to say that I am at “full capacity” and I am not talking about my neck size which is rapidly approaching a number that could realistically be used when measuring the legal size of a Halibut. No, I am referring to my full plate and all of the obligations I have foolishly put on my plate.

Having joined the “2 career moonlighting club”, I use a batman approach to managing my duel obligations in the financial services industry and my boat yard management company along with my responsibilities as a father and husband.

Wow, I ”need”, scratch that, I “want” a vacation but the sad fact is I wouldn’t know how to deal with myself if I actually ever did find myself on a beach with an umbrella drink in my hand. Christ, I would go crazy within 48 hours of that situation. Tina and I actually returned home from our Costa Rican honeymoon 20 years ago, a surprising to everyone but me, three days early. It was at that time that I had just begun my first career on Wall St. and was anxious to return to ”get cracking” with my new career. Ironically,  Tina and I are celebrating our 20th anniversary and true to form, I am once again anxious to get cracking.

20 years have passed by too quickly, probably due to a “full capacity” schedule that has yet to let up.  For those of you who are statistically inclined, that is five thousand one hundred and sixty days of work with no breakfasts, a smattering of lunches, hundreds of gallons of coffee and way too, way too many cigarettes.

So in the next week, a 20th wedding anniversary will be celebrated, the 11th annual Sailathon will have been a success, a boat yard will be managed, kids will be attended and I will be once again off to New York for one more exciting go around with Wall St.

Catch me if you can. Tina gave up 4500 days ago but without her, I would be nowhere except for the coffee and cigarettes. Happy anniversary wife!

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