The Secret Ingredient of EVERY Business

I had to laugh last night while listening to our candidates discuss business. One candidate’s chest was blown out in pride over his business acumen but he failed to disclose his experiences were limited to large scale corporate mergers and acquisitions, not on the business which is Main Street and the other candidate could offer nothing but a greater distribution of teachers and regulations. Sure, our Republic needs more teachers and higher salaries for them too and our free enterprise system will always need oversight. Just look at the last debacle our free enterprise system got us into, but the one thing neither candidate even began to discuss happens to be the most important ingredient in any free enterprise system, THE CUSTOMER.

Businesses will always complain about regulation and taxes but without customers, the entire discussion is moot. As an entrepreneur I can tell you that customers make the world go round and as an entrepreneur, I am inherently optimistic all the time. Optimism in business means that no matter the adversaries and economic climate, entrepreneurs will always figure out a solution so long as they have customers. Without them, a business is nothing.

Customers purchase goods and services when they are optimistic about the future and most importantly, when they are gainfully employed and have credit. So this is the $4 trillion dollar question, “How can America grow its customer base?” The answer is, drum roll please, wait I seem to have lost the binder.

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