I was a Surfer…

I don’t surf anymore but there was a time in my life when surfing was like breathing, it was a major part of who I thought I was. I was a surfer. When surfing, there was nothing more exhilarating than that moment after committing to a curling wall of energy that would soon destroy itself on a shallow ocean bottom with me somehow not only surviving the event but also extracting 15-30 seconds of pure stoke from the experience. That moment just after commitment when all I could rely upon were my instincts and tuned motor skills, was that moment defined only by a millisecond or two as doubt. Should I stop, should I bail?  No, rely upon my instincts and commit.

Today I am in business and still experience that millisecond or two of doubt prior to committing to a plan of action but rather than merely needing to survive the chaos of a breaking wave upon a beach there are times in business when the ride or wipe-out can last for what seems to be an eternity.

I suppose the question one needs to ask is what would happen if we never committed to the wave, never dropped in and never risked wiping out?




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