When the wind howls through the rigging and under the boat stands at Naupactus it is time to put your back to it and wait it out. It usually only lasts a day, but enduring that day requires just a little bit more work than a normal day.

The wind roars over our boat yard office and the large metal framed skylights rattle and chatter under every gust, as if to threaten us with their imminent departure upon the next big puff of wind. Having experienced an escaped skylight once before, I have now imprisoned them all underneath numerous bags of heavy sand and gravel from which there is no reasonable escape. Ha!

Palm trees sway and swoon as their photosynthetic over garments bristle and shimmer back at the winter sun. Every new puff changes their arrangement as if they are modeling next summers latest fashions for all the boat yard to see.

Tonight, when everyone has gone, the wind will lay down, the skylights will quiet, the palm trees will pause and all the boats will rest.  Tomorrow is another day in Naupactus, another day to make old into new.  Signing off from Naupactus. Vientos.

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